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Tech Tip: Browser Tune-Up

For this weeks tech tip I was able to learn how to add in a spell check and a word counter into my browser which will both help me in my blog writing. For browser bookmarks, I have been taking advantage of these for a long time now and will continue to use them in this course.

Microfiction-Lab Week 4

I first read some microfictions in the second week of class and found them so cool and unique. I was also suprised I had never heard of them before. Even before I found that this was an assignment option I had gone and looked up some microfictions of my own for fun! I think microfictions are a great way to get a point across in a simple form because so often in today's world (even in quarantine it seems) people are constantly going as fast as they can and won't read anything if its too long. I also had the opportunity to read a classmates microfictions from the Biblical stories unit and thought they were great. The Tiny Tales from India were probably my favorite just becuase most of them contained some really interesting and fun animal characters. These microfictions also all reminded me of stories I heard as a kid that had a moral to the story and taught a lesson. Of course I also really enjoyed the Tiny Love Stories. I am a sucker for romantic stories and often find myself …

Reading Notes: Cupid and Psyche, Part B

Many of the different stories that are contained in Part B were enlightening and gave me many different ideas on writing styles and different characters that I go change up and use as my own. The beautiful woman is someone that would be great to use in my own storybook as she has such a dominating character with multiple aspects. However, what I really focused in on in this part of the readings was the final story and how it was wrapped up. The ending was somewhat different than I had imagined as I read along. The end wraps everything up very cleanly and in a suprising way. For one, I think it is perfect how the donkey who had seen his fate coming and the death he was to face chose not to give up. At first I had almost thought the princess was out of luck and then to my imagine the donkey came to the rescue. It was also ironic that a donkey was saving the princess. In the majority of fairytales the princess is saved by a prince or some savior and they ride of to live happily ever afte…

Growth Mindset Cats

I think cats are so fun, quirky and can easily turn a frown upside down! So naturally I enjoy looking through all the many Growth Mindset Cats. (Feedback is helpful don't fear it.) I think it is definitely very important for all people to take a step back and remind themselves that we always need feedback if we are going to grow and get better. Without feedback we will never improve and instead stay complacent in the things that we do. Sometimes it is hard to not fear or worry about the feedback we may recieve but if we take a step back and welcome it we will grow! (Not sure what to do next?) This cat meme really relates to me. I am the type of person who constantly thrives (or think I thrive) off of being busy. However, this can often be draining and when I accomplish the tasks on my todo list I'm not sure what to do next. It is healthy mentally and physically to just take a deep breath and think when we aren't exactly sure what to do next.


Week 3, another week come and gone with the blink of an eye.I watched the Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Parody and thought it was hilarious. I love reading so I thought it was perfect!!

Feedback Strategies

 Be a MirrorThis article was very insightful and made me think about feedback in a wat that I had never done before. The article offers up five different strategies to foster a growth mindset including: be specific, focus on what the reader is doing, focus on the process, make sure it can transfer and to take yourself out of the process. Of these I found the strategy of focusing on what is being done and not what isn't as one of the best ones. I think it is important to give constructive critisism on what is there instead of completely going at what is absent.How to Give Feedback Without Sounding Like a JerkI found this article very applicable to my own life because I always worry that in giving feedback someone may think that I am being mean to them. However, giving feedback doesn't have to be you trying to be nice. Without feedback we would be extremely mediocre and no one would ever get better. I think that the way they article talks about taking yourself off a pedastool is…

Topic Research

For my storybook, I think that using the Frog stories would be really interesting and give me so many different aspects to wrtie about. There are plethora of differnet stories out there that include a frog that fills many different roles. One of my favorites that I found was about the Fairy Frog that is a Jewish proverb. Then a whole site full of exclusive Frog stories ragning from the Frog Prince to the Enchanted Frog. I think that these would make a really good storybook. and the Psyche would also be a very fun and eventful story to base my storybook on. There is so many twists and turns and drama contained within this story that would make for a good story book. I also think that there would be many ways in which I could manipulate this story and put my own twist on things. Monkey See, Monkey Do was one of my favorite short stories to read and put my own twist on so it is definietly one that I am still considering using. One story I found th…